Kids Space Studio is not merely a location or "just a studio:" we are a committed and devoted community of 100+ amazing families, brilliant dance teachers, talented music educators and passionate art instructors.


We are literally a space for Kids to be honored and be respected and be THEMSELVES while we support them in reaching their highest potential.  


The parents and teachers in the KS community have a collective devotion to applying cutting-edge research, classic rhythms and timeless cultural music and language practices, all motivated by compassion.


We empower parents to be confident and cherished partners in raising children! Parents want children to develop joy and skills-- some of the ways we support that include:



Spanish-immersion Musica class

Creative Movement class





Homework groups


Special Needs inclusion and coaching 

Private tutoring

Education consulting

Birthday parties

Private Studio rental


Join us also for Open Play and Open Art, a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and delight and gain familiarity with the space while parents and teachers also connect and support one another.